Lofrans' founded in Monza/Italy in1966 and since then has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing windlasses and anchor management solutions that combine top performance, absolute safety and style.
For many decades Lofrans' enriches the market with innovative solutions, such as the Automatic Free Fall and the Control Box, and offers an impressive line-up of high quality products for boats and yachts from 6m. to 50m (20ft - 160 ft).
Being one of the most weather-beaten and mechanically challenged equipment on the deck, a windlass could not stand anything else than premium materials. At Lofrans, we believe that durability and performance start with an extremely stringent selection of components: only AISI 316 L stainless steel, marine grade metals and electric motors designed to deliver high torque in all conditions.

Windlasses / windlasses
The windlass should be light in weight and high in strength
In addition, marine anti-corrosion materials are very important. How to increase their durability? After chemical or galvanizing treatment to enhance their anti-corrosion ability, the components used, such as motors, gear boxes, etc., must be of marine grade.

    The material table of the windlass components is as follows
  1. The main shaft is stainless steel, high-strength AISI 431.
  2. The body and (drum) are all special aluminum alloy, polished and electroplated or painted white polyester paint.
  3. The worm gear is made of copper alloy, and the worm gear is made of 38NCD4 steel.
  4. AISI 304 or AISI 316 is used for bolts and external accessories.
  5. Other forged components such as fixed caps, anchor chain reels, gears, clutches, and forging are more expensive than ordinary casting, but they can provide higher mechanical strength, tighter molecular structure, and better surface conditions.

    The characteristics of the gearbox
  1. It has high mechanical efficiency and is specially designed for marine use.
  2. The reduction ratio of 1/50 to 1/75 can match the performance and speed very well.
  3. The gear box shell is black electroplated and has a long service life.
  4. Durable lubrication system prevents wear, breakage and reduces noise.

  1. The motor is specially designed and manufactured for marine use.
  2. It is waterproof according to the requirements of DIN 40050.
  3. The shaft, bolts, nuts, and outer cover are made of stainless steel.

The motor shell is protected by black paint, and the motor coil is series-connected, which has a good starting torque.

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